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Thanks for stopping by HorseApple Ranch Enterprises.  Why do we have such a name?  Because we're on a small horse ranch in Colorado, and the logo sort of happened after some neighboring horses busted the fence and left apples in my yard.  Then it occurred to me that it's goofy, but folks will remember the name after seeing the logo.  So I said why not?
This site is mostly about the Honda Valkyrie motorcycle.  But I structured it so I can cover other stuff too.   When you see an icon-size picture - click on it for an enlargement or a sound file, as appropriate.

Who am I?  A Vietnam vet (REMF) and Sr. Software Engineer who decided life is too short, I don't need all that money to get Dilberted; I'd rather have fun.  So I'm applying the business acumen I picked up over the years to work that I consider fun.  And you should see my office - a beautiful view of deer, trees and the mountains. 

The "Boys" by the hot tub...

"Let's siesta with the horses""

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I don't hear anything except the wind in the trees, horses, coyotes, magpies, and a sweet sounding motorcycle now and then - no sirens, gunfire, and no brown cloud.  Sure the bucks come a little slower, but life is much sweeter now.  And who knows, if I invent the next Velcro...

This site was created on 9/15/99.  I've added tech articles on the improvements I've done, and continue to add more as I invent new things.   Also I included the archive of articles I wrote that Gale Scalzi ("Oz") published on (before the VRCC) with enlargements of the same pics that F6Rider has just icons.  I'll share the knowledge I've gathered, as of 2014 in my seventeenth year and 115,000 miles on this magnificent machine.  That knowledge will be, what products and suppliers have emerged as worthwhile based on my own experience, plus a bit of what I've learned from others.  I've included the state of my own Valkyrie, Deerslayer with pics.  The how-to's are for smaller projects the average shadetree mechanic can handle, a few more ambitious projects for the well tooled and skilled, and also products I develop and put on the market that are beyond the scope of most casual wrenches.   All of these articles will be based on personal experience.  You know the flavor of the tech articles if you've seen my stuff on the VRCC ( ).

I have a small metal shop, with the power tools I need to make metal things.  Of course some things have to be jobbed out, like plating, but I can prototype most things quickly and manufacture many.

What you will find in the HorseApple Ranch Store, are unique products I developed, sometimes in collaboration with other experts, usually out of my own need.  I'm proud of my main product - the Mild2WILD TromBone Glasspacks with Silencers , which have been well received on the Valkyrie bulletin boards, and awarded United States Patent #6,520,285.  My mission is to be a new motorcycle products inventor - not interested in making products the same as everybody else.   We're not a big operation, but we are focussed on quality and customer satisfaction - you'll find honesty is the byword here, I strive to do exactly what I say I'll do, and I would rather tell you to go buy a different product than mine if I think that would better suit you.   I'm not a kid anymore; I've learned it all comes out in the end, if you care for the customer first he will usually take care of you as well in the long run.   And that leaves everybody with a warm & fuzzy.

Be sure to stop by regularly - my aim is to add content whenever I have something worthwhile to say. 

Thanks for visiting.  Drop me a line, or call if you're coming to town - I know some GREAT places to eat - these are **** and *****: Garden Terrace at Inverness $$ superb seafood buffet & great value Fri & Sat, The Swan at Inverness  ****** & $$$$$ best fine dining anywhere if you have deep pockets, The Melting Pot, $$$ fondue restaurant in Littleton, great fun, make dining an EVENT for 3 hours (great place to impress your honey), Le Central $$ great value, exquisite French atmosphere and cuisine (with menu changed daily), The Buckhorn Exchange $$$ outstanding game entrees & atmosphere, steeped in history and memorabilia, founded around 1870 and continually open since, by "Shorty Scout" a scout for Buffalo Bill - The Exchange was presented in 1933 with Custer's sword taken at the Little Bighorn by the Indians in 1876, The Fort $$$$ Presidential dining - literally - the Conference of The Eight dined here - Julia Child's favorite Denver eatery, fine dining, helicopter parking; The Brown Palace $$$$ steeped in history - also presidential dining). 

And I know some great rides.

It's a beautiful day here in Colorado (I can say that without changing it and be correct 330/365 of the time, per the local Chamber of Commerce), I ride year round averaging 16,000 miles/yr. (a bit more now that I also have a GL1800 Gold Wing.)   I'm grabbing my 'Bones and going Harley hunting.


May the road rise to meet you.

  May the wind be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your land.

  May the rain fall soft upon your face.

Until we meet again -

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.



Mark Tobias,  Iron Butt Assoc. #13201, VOA #5, VRCC #437, AMA #2795456


A personal message to all veterans:

 Thank you.     Welcome home.



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Glasspack mods are for off road use only.  Always wear helmet, eye and ear protection while riding.  Wear leather gloves while handling exhaust parts.