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NOTICE - This is not a catalog.  These goodies are not for sale here - except Horseapple exhaust systems and my Highlighter.  This is what I put on my bike.  These are things you might want to put on your bike too.  If you want them, you will have to buy them from a retailer, like I did.

Black Beauty, a '98 black standard acquired in June '97, with 98,000 miles as of March 2011, has evolved to it's present state.  This page is mostly bolt-on stuff other than the tech projects documented on the Tech Tips page.  Some have been replaced with others I liked better, but I included the earlier versions.  Mostly latest mods on top.

I had an incident with two muley bucks June 15 '01.  Resultant damage to Black Beauty, now named Deerslayer, came to $13,000.  It's all fixed now - you can read what happened here.

These prices are current MSRP or from www.DNKMotorcycle.com  as of 12/9/99 when I could find it quickly, or what I paid when I couldn't - figure they are approximate, YMMV.  The links here are to the manufacturer so you can read about the products, to my articles or other Valk enthusiasts' web sites for more info, or to online retailers.  No doubt some of the links are broken by now. Generally the best place to buy parts is a retailer, who is more likely to discount than the factory.  But now that many parts are discounted - just finding them for sale is a win.  Discounts - not likely anymore.  I've bought several things from Hal at the VRCC, I got good prices & delivery speed while they were still sponsoring the VRCC web site.  Check the links page for other online retailers I'm happy with. A lot of these products are no longer available, new.  So many aftermarket makers quit making products for the Valk when Honda discontinued it in 2003.  But you may still find them online, or from private sellers.  Check the boards, and online want ads, particularly at the VRCC and the VOAI.  Ebay is another good place to look, as well as Mike terry's site at www.valkyrieblingandmore.com 

Disclaimer - a listing here does not constitute an endorsement of these products - it's what I have on my bike (though some companies and products listed here are superior to others).  It will take a couple minutes to download all the icons here, which as always link to enlargements.

Brakeaway throttle lock. Still available as of 2011. Various retailers.  Spendy but the best. MSRP $199 - saw it at $125 new on ebay

Aircraft landing lights Wagner H7604 $12 on ebay, in spot shells from JC Whitney - $25 ea., Rifle shield fork mounts. Of course powered by a relay & 3-pos sw - $8 .

Zumo 550 GPS with mount. $590 at Amazon. Also acts as MP3 and XM player.
Escort Passport 8500 and mount. $283 at Amazon. Both wired into audio system using mixer (below)

More work on the nitelites

Digital voltmeter - Autozone, about $10.  Heat controller for electric gloves and jacket - about $100 at  www.warmnsafe.com
Volume controller - the only visible part of the audio mixer / preamp from
http://www.electric-avenues.com/amplirider.html See my tech article .
Note the mini-stereo connector allows connecting tunes from the Zumo (including voice prompts) or tunes from another audio device like an Ipod or CD player, attached to the Velcro on the tank apron.  The LED cluster indicates power on the amplifier.

5-inch stacks with glasspacks - one of my exhaust systems  Prices vary with options.  See MarkT exhausts

Fork bag with fender clearance mod - about $40

Hondaline shield tipped - note bracket extender See tech article

Compufire 1325watt Alternator mod - about $450

400 watt Blaupunkt / RioVolt then Archos then Ipod then Zumo / Alpine MP3 sound system $703

Ultimate BigBoy studded seat with silver-thread dragon & backrest $540  That's right - no annoying woman on the back of Deerslayer - peaceful, quiet...

Headlight raised to match tipped windshield headlight hole. Note extenders underneath.

VTX clear lens signal pods front & rear, wired as run turn and stop with red and amber LED arrays.  $300

150 lb. Magnet for tripping traffic lights - Harbor Freight $5

Kuryakyn Dually peg extenders $29.95

National hard bags $499

Not recommended, these will cause premature cylinder wear - I removed them ASAP after Lamont reported LaMonster started smoking.  I got some cool videos tho...

36" Howitzer Truck Stacks Horseapple Ranch $249 MSRP

Avon Cobra 200/60 rear tire - about $180, and Dunlop K491 bias ply rear tire on front - about $150.  Check www.jakewilson.com  for great prices

Grover diaphram fire truck horn - this photo featured in Motorcycle Cruiser magazine, makes incredible volume cannot be ignored
horn $60
air system behind it, see below

309 amber, blue, and red LED's, hidden and wired into my "night circuit".  A work in progress, you can read more details at Night Lights

NAPA 1.5 amp onboard battery charger $37.07

.45 ACP make my day studs on windshield - a few pennies, a few minutes to make, might be working cause no one has ever messed with my bike

Show Chrome ribbed carb covers $69.96 set

Show Chrome ribbed fork cap covers $28.83

Show Chrome CNC billet filter cover $78.71
Rattlebars water pump chromex $50

Highway Hawk taillight cover p/n 661-112 $21.95


KuryAkyn 4500 highway pegs $119.95pr
Show Chrome 50 watt "mini halogen"  $25.95ea
on KuryAkyn 1-1/8" quick clamp $18.95ea

Hondaline chrome OEM levers $59.00 pr
Show Chrome switch boxes $30.95 each
KuryAkyn ISO-Grips $52.95 pr

Dan-Marc electric fuel shutoff - $29.  Prevents hydro-lock.

Used Interstate tank, $525 via  findmypart.com

K&N air filter - no picture.  Around $70 if I recall, with filter washing kit.

Show Chrome swing arm pivot covers $36.95 pr

KuryAkyn passenger boards p/n 4452 $79.95 pr
KuryAkyn rear peg adapter p/n 8802 $16.95 pr
Rattlebars exhaust hanger chromex $50 pr
Rattlebars peg posts chromex $20 pr
Cobra driveshaft cover $34.88
Cobra driveshaft bolts cover $78.71

KuryAkyn Dually ISO pegs $55.95 pr
KuryAkyn brake pad cover $26.95

Rattlebars Turn Stylers $14 pr

Jardine Rack $120.50DNK

Hondaline Rack $111MSRP

Rattlebars Bar Grille $110
Rattlebars Rad Top Kit $14

Rattlebars Tube Toppers $36 set
KuryAkyn Valence Covers $72 pr

KuryAkyn tranny covers $150 pr

LeatherLyke 18 Qt. $350 (No longer listed in catalog)

LeatherLyke 25 Qt. $400MSRP

Chrome Door Trim: PepBoys $8/25 ft

Two Brothers Oil Temp dipstick  $66.25

LeatherLyke Shock Protector - $40 pr

Garmin GPS III+ $350
Phantom Radar and Lidar Jammer/Detector $350

Mustang saddles match LeatherLykes & black standard well.  List of this setup is about $600, I paid much less.

Chrome Oil Filler Cap $7.97DNK
Chrome Dipstick $16.50DNK

Free Spirit Master Cylinder Covers $22.44 pr

Free Spirit Cam Covers $28.95 pr

Cupholder - about $20 from
M&J Enterprises  1-800-436-7715

Custom Chrome 3.5" Risers #08-971 $65 pr
GPS Mount - adapted Harley parts - $40

Mild2WILD TromboneTM Glasspacks $470

Oxford Sovereign Expandable Ballistic Cloth Tank Bag and Backpack about $85 from Aurora Honda, 303-341-7200

Bag unzips, showing backpack straps and 2nd map pocket on magnetic tank apron.

Horseapple Ranch Highlighter $120MSRP

Includes map and two sunglass pockets.  Shown collapsed 

Note expansion folds in vinyl liner, Inside mesh pocket divider, and thick plastic wall stiffener.

Hadley "Bully" Truck Air Horn, $250.  Part of Premium Air System

BikeMaster foam grips, about $20

Chrome Signal Grills $18.87DNK

Chrome radiator cap cover $9.30DNK

Compressor, fittings and air tank for air horn and...

Utopia Backrest $120

Rood Saddle Mod $125
Utopia Backrest $139MSRP
Hondaline Chrome Side Covers $150MSRP

A 120 lb pressure gauge on the Bakers, and

Progressive 416 Air Shocks, $290, which are monitored and controlled by...

Headlight circuit rewired with relays to support 130/90 watt H4 bulb - lights up the road clearly for a measured half mile $23 plus the bulb

Vista Cruise thottle lock $28.31DNK with 1" adapter

Rally 55W halogen dichroic lens yellow spots kit from Pepboys, $55

Pneumatic ball valves.

VERY bright, and "for off-road use only". Mounted with Rifle billet clamps ($50) and custom adapter, wired per Chet's spots page.

Disc Lock Reminder mod, $1

Klockit tank bolt clock mod $ 12

Baker Wings manage comfort when it's cold & hot - $139MSRP

PathBlazer headlight modulator 150W $79.95MSRP
TailBlazer taillight modulator $69.95MSRP
SignalMinder turn signal canceller $79.95MSRP
See Best Kisan Installs article before ordering
These folks have the best customer service attitude I've ever seen.

I wired juice through a 30amp relay triggered by the aux circuit with a plug, and bought the gloves and wire, $109.97MSRP complete
You can see the plug in
this pic.

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