Garden Terrace

Just grabbed my Honey and took her out to the Garden Terrace for a little celebration - since I have my dandy new digicam,  and I've bragged about the fine seafood buffet there before, I thought I'd get a few shots and SHOW y'all what a fine feed you're missing.  First let me say, I have no connection with this place - I just love to eat there (but not too often, it's a pigout).   Here goes:

(oh yeah, all of the pics below are thumbnails - click on them to see enlargements which will open in a new window.)

To start with, the Garden Terrace is in the Inverness Hotel - that's the long brown building that looks like 4 giant box cars just East of I-25 and North of County Line.

Pretty impressive foyer and lobby, huh?  Don't worry, this is Colorado - you don't have to wear a tie to eat here!   By the way,  these photos are hand-held, half second exposures, so a couple of them are a little fuzzy.

So walk on through the lobby, past the Fireside Lounge to the East, and turn left.

This is what you see approaching the Garden Terrace

Take a moment and read this easel - reservations are necessary, typically 5 days or more in advance - This buffet is popular!  Plan on arriving by 7:00 and taking 3 hours, you don't want to rush this one!  Don't forget to eat VERY lightly for your daytime meals - and this is no time to bring your calorie counter!

OK, so once you're seated, a very professional and competent waitperson like Jennifer here will make you feel right and home, and brief you on the delights you're about to experience!

Enjoy Mozart on the Baldwin while you peruse the complete but unpresumptious winelist, then order a nice Chardonnay.
I like Kendall Jackson; but they have a nice selection of harmonies for the epicurean symphony you're about to conduct.

Lighting, atmosphere, table spacing is perfect for fine dining..

Maestro!   Begin the concert with a selection from the comprehensive salad selections around the ice sculpture and sailboat!

Personally, I like to begin with sushi & wasabe, about a dozen raw oysters on the half shell - put lemon juice AND wasabe on the oysters, what a taste explosion!

My next plate is an assortment of smoked fishes (yes, they use mesquite as well as light fruitwoods) and a MESS of peel & eat shrimp

AND BBQ shrimp...

OK.  Got the taste buds workin.  Now let's get serious about chow!  On to the hot table with your next plate!  Oops I forgot to mention the jambalaya and Boston Clam Chowder, WOW is that good!  OK, there's all kinds of hot fish and shellfish dishes here.  Well maybe not ALL, but half a dozen:  fried calimari, salmon & trout dishes...  Plus garlic mashed potatoes,exquisite veggie dishes...

HEY, what's the guy in the big hat doing over there?

Servin up all the King Crab legs and prime rib you can eat, that's what!  Complete with drawn butter, au juice, horsey sauce...  Pasta seafood dishes are in the hot pots next to him, if you have room.

Meanwhile Jennifer has been keeping our table bussed, and has been very attentive, providing the extra cloth napkin (hot, damp, nice touch) and the extra crab cracker right away.  Great service.

Well I had a hunk of prime rib, and TWO plates of crab legs  MMMMMMMM

OK, now kick back, sip a little wine and let it settle.  You still have the dessert tables to attack!

I like to top it off with an espresso, but the coffee is really good too!

Guess which one is mine.  No peeking.


WOW.  Am I stuffed.  Good thing we don't do this more than 2-3 times/year.  I'd be big as a house!  Even so I'm halfway there now...

So clean up with the steamed towels with lemon, and plan to take your folks here next time they come to visit!

So what did this cost?  We got out of there for $90 including a bottle of wine and tip.  NOT BAD for such quality dining!

For your convenience, here's a link to the Inverness Hotel's Restaurant page.